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Thursday, February 21, 2019

March and April - NO HASH

Exactly what it says.

The air quality has been getting worse and worse every year, more and more illegal burning, aided and abetted by corrupt, ineffectual politicians and police who either can't or won't enforce the law.

And it's school holiday time, during which time many of us will be out of the country, whether Harry Potter-ing it up in Blightly, in Bali, or adventuring in Singapore and Malaysia (and trying not to get caned in the latter case).

So, next hash will be third Saturday of May

Monday, February 11, 2019

Directions to the February Hash on Saturday 16th February 2019:

The hash will start at 3.45 pm. The route includes some paved roads but also some rough terrain and there is little shade.

The starting point for the hash is Nong Bua lake. You can find it on Google Maps, south of the 1020 highway and east of the Lao River, not far from "Chiangrai Cheese".

To get there, head south on the Superhighway and turn left at the traffic lights after Big C (taking the 1020 towards Thoeng).

Continue on this road through the traffic lights at the major junction and over the hump-backed bridge with a view of a windmill on the right.

Shortly after crossing the bridge, at the first break in the central reservation, make a U-turn heading back towards the windmill.

Just past the signage for ‘The Fine Residence’ there is currently a contraflow system (to get over the blocked bridge).

At the very start of the contraflow keep left (to avoid the contraflow) and then turn left about 50 meters before you reach the windmill. (Google Maps marks this corner as a "Car Battery Store." ) We will have "HHH" signs strategically placed.

This road (which follows the Lao River) leads to Nong Bua lake, which you will see on your left after about 3 kilometers. Park as near as possible to the sala built on the lake.

If you are unable to follow these directions, or if you are interested in doing a carpool/following another member, feel free to call the contact below or post on our facebook page.

Megan Hawver: 0631469531, facebook: Megan Hwvr