When and Where

We meet the third Saturday of every month. There may be more hashes in the cool season so sign up to get notified of the most recent hashes. The location changes so look on this website for information about upcoming hashes.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Driving Instructions to the August 20 Hash beginning at 4 pm

The August Chiang Rai Hash is timed to start at 4 pm on the 20th.  The route is approximately 6.8 kms of primarily flat terrain, with one short steep hill, a few trail inclines, a few rice paddy ridges, and field and cornfield trails.  Much of the route will be muddy if it has rained.  There are about 1.8 kms of paved road.  Overall the route is safe for rainy season.  The route should be considered average by our past HHH experiences.  The route begins and ends at our house so we can have shelter for the circle.

Starting from the flashy clock tower heading west you wind around the road at its end and then take the first left over Chiangmai Gate bridge. This puts you on Old Chiang Mai Road (Highway 1211) along which you proceed south about 1.5 kms until you reach the second set of traffic lights in Den Haa.  Turn right here.  Continue on about 8 kms along this road until you reach Don’s café on the left side of the road.  Follow any Pra Soet Hot Springs, LamNamKok National Park, and Doi In Cee Stupa signs to Don’s Café.

(If approaching from south of CR, turn left at the first set of lights after the 1211 six lane stretch after The Sixties bar.)

At Don’s Café there is a slip road to the left.  There will be an HHH sign here.  Take this slip road and continue for about 400 meters. You will then see a blue sign pointing to the left to Doi In Cee Stupa and a white statue of Buddha carrying a parasol.  Turn left here. There will be another HHH sign.  Continue for 300 meters as you enter Baan Doi Hang Nai.  Turn left at Soi 1 across from the temple. As you proceed straight, the paved road will become gravel and pass a blue roofed house on the right.  The road will lead directly into our driveway.  Our home is the first of four mint green structures.  Motorcycles can park in our driveway, but vehicles will need to line the soi before entering House of Union property of which our house is a part.

Our mobile numbers are 086.069.0992 and 086.069.0994 in case of questions.

An On On On is planned at Don’s Café at 6pm.  The buffet will cost 200 baht per adult with children under 12 free.  Reservations will need to be sent to grosser.debbie@gmail.com by 2pm the 19th.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Report of HHH Run# 93: Saturday, July 16, 2011

 Location:  At the Boomerang Climbing Park, north shore of Kok River west of Nam Laat between the two Buddha caves

Hare:  Hand Cock

The afternoon began inauspiciously with heavy rain which persisted as the meeting hour drew near. Despite these unfavorable omens, twenty-five intrepid hashers gathered for the monthly outing. These included 15 adult males, four women and six kids.

Hand Cock, the hare, promised mushy wanderings. He did not disappoint. The trail soon left the paved road and headed straight through ankle-deep ponds. Foolish front-runners like Fired Up, Do It Yourself and our founder Brain Health determined to stay in front and believing this pond would be only the first of many ran straight through while the more cautious people like the Lost Samurai, Soreassis, Special Needs and Special Services made a wide circuit and saved their boots a lot of grief. Fortunately the hare had anticipated bad weather and mostly kept the trail on gravel roads.

These roads led into the hills which line the north shore of the Kok River and form a big oblong circle which brought us eventually back to the starting point. However following the paper was no an easy task. The environmentalists eager to eliminate litter, conspired with our miserly mismanagers to reduce the hare’s allocation of paper to the absolute minimum. So the few strands he had frugally scattered about the countryside soon dissolved in the torrential downpour which followed his trail-setting. However we were inspired by the technique of special guest star Ring Worm on loan from the City of Angels who steadfastly stood at each check while the FRBs searched the way forward.

Back in the circle Ring Worm and Peter Gibbs were honored as “Almost Virgins.” For Peter it was his second run after a long interlude. Ring Worm had co-hared the inaugural run along with Brain Health and your faithful correspondent but on that occasion he neglected his sweeping duties after breaking a foot-bone and never came back. As usual Shocking attracted a lot of attention but this time the eagle-eyed Nam Ron noticed that he was wearing new boots. This called for a baptism.  So Nam Ron emptied an entire can of Leo beer into the filthy shoe which Shocking promptly downed with the encouragement of Pat-on-the Back and Superglue.  

In anticipation of the next hash, Christian, the Swiss-German banker responsible for  Molly Polly’s current double pregnancy and Will, a flogger of new cigarette-lighters were called into the circle for a preliminary confession which would lead to a naming ceremony next time. The young niece of Nok Easy was invited to name herself. “Just Jane” was her eloquent reply.  

Hash Scribe Wirgin Bluce