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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Report of HHH Run# 91: Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Chiangrai “Start slowly and taper off “ Hash

 S2ATO the Family Friendly Hash
                                        Founded  15 November 2003    
Location:  Hua Doi area north of the Thoeng Road (1020) near km stone 9.

Hares: Do It Yourself assisted by Do It Better

            Following the recent spate of emails discussing the nature of our group and the subsequent resignations of the GM, Hash Scribe and Hash Cash, there was considerable concern whether we would have a hash this month and if so whether anyone would show up for it. As it turned out such misgivings were misplaced. The durable Hash Beer, Do It Better rose to the occasion and produced a fine trail with assistance of Do It Better, a motorcycle and Google Earth. Twenty one hashers showed up including seven children.

            At the word “Go,”  Nam Ron aided and abetted by the other usual FRBs On Fire, Able Semen and Bushwacker, took off leaving his three boys, Buffalo Bill, Ranger and No Name in a cloud of dust. However to give credit where credit is due, he did provide the boys with poles tipped in red paint which would conveniently obscure the blood from any injuries they might incur. 

            The hash otherwise evolved in the usual manner. The second tier far behind the FRBs included Fired Up, Hard Wired, Special Needs, Special Services, and your faithful correspondent. The abandoned boys came next not much ahead of the four Powder Puffs. Shocking was conspicuous as ever in the middle along with Sperm Bank and the Lost Samurai in the middle. Not far behind came the ladies headed by Wild Woman, Pat on the Back and Nok Easy whose constant chatter made them easy to monitor. They had been forewarned by the hare that there was a fragile bamboo bridge to cross and everyone was eager to get over it before Shocking arrived.

          Back in the circle, Shocking amply filled the place of the absent GM. He began by appointing yours truly and Able Semen, scribe and deputy to the vacant office. He himself took over the Hash Cash’s job with Fired Up deputizing. So now the Mismanagement Committtee under the awesome leadership of the most popular GM ever, consists of Nam Ron, head of trails, the Hash Beer Do It Yourself, the Hash Scribes myself and Able Semen plus the new Hash Cashes Shocking and Fired Up.

 In the absence of any virgins or new members to name and with the threat of double kneestanding down down  punishment for anyone who swears, hashers soon discovered that there was nothing to do in the circle. So it soon broke up.  Sperm Bank reported that his four Powder Puffs complained that this was the most boring circle ever.  

Wirgin Bluce
Newly reappointed Hash Scribe



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